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Concrete overlays are a specially designed mixture of sand, polymer, and Portland cement that allow a thin layer to be applied on the surface of damaged or plain grey concrete to create a decorative finish.  There are many different applications and techniques that can be utilized to create multiple textures, color combinations or patterns. We can create a look of stamped concrete or color handmade stone or brick to match the existing stone or brick on or around your house. These applications can last for decades if applied and maintained properly.

What are the benefits of concrete overlays?
From a practical standpoint, concrete overlays do many things. For example, they correct surface deficiencies, improve skid resistance, improve surface drainage, minimize climate-related deterioration, and improve structural capacity.

Is concrete overlay a good idea?
Environmentally Friendly. Choosing a concrete overlay or floor coatings instead of tile or some other type of flooring is environmentally friendly. You are taking advantage of the existing surface and using fewer materials to create a new floor.

How long will concrete overlay last?
When applied appropriately, a stamped concrete coating should endure for years. An overlay adds strength to an existing concrete while modernizing the look. Much like a recently poured patio, your overlay must be sealed every few years to preserve its appearance and protect it from damage.

When should an overlay be used?
Concrete overlays are usually used for repair or decorative reasons, but many people don’t like the natural color of concrete.

What are the different types of overlays?
Four different overlay systems are used in creating decorative concrete floors: micro toppings, stampable overlays, multipurpose overlays, and self-leveling overlays. All have different characters and makeup with which to achieve decorative looks.

What is concrete overlay made of?
Concrete overlay material is a blend of polymer resins. These mix cement, sand, and other additives to create a more durable and attractive overlay. This blend also adheres well to the existing concrete without ruining its natural look.

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