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Have you ever seen a concrete countertop? You may be surprised. Within the kitchen space or even outdoor patio, we know that you want something awesome, showy, and just a bit above the norm. Almost like the experience you may get while eating in a sushi den or watching a cook prepare his carefully crafted goods. The countertop is one place where every home is seeking a bit of extra visual punch. Truly focusing on a minimal vibe and leaving you with a sleek finish that’s reminiscent of a mirror’s sheen. We can guide you in the direction of an urban feel with the addition of concrete in the countertop areas.

You can coat the top with a natural sealer, polish it to reflect overhead lighting features, give you the high-end look of acid stain, granite, marble, or use drop nose edges to bring out the thickness in appearance for the island or edge top. Also a big hit in salons and other business spaces, there are many bold color choices and attention you can bring to workspaces, outdoor patio, and indoor kitchen with the allure of your concrete addition choice.

What is the benefit of concrete countertops?
Concrete countertops are long-lasting, provided they get routine maintenance. Many consider concrete countertops as a premium kitchen surface and, as such, believe they can increase a home’s value.

What is the purpose of countertops?
The kitchen countertop contains the sink and cooktop, two fundamental elements to the functioning of any kitchen. It is also the space for cleaning, prepping, cutting, and mixing foods, resting hot pots and pans, plating food, and storing small kitchen appliances and everyday utensils.

How do you clean concrete countertops?
• Use regular soap and water.
• Wipe off the dirt from the countertop before beginning.
• Scrub your counters with dish soap, water, and a dish sponge.

Can you cut food on concrete countertops?
Always use cutting boards with your concrete countertop — Don’t cut directly on your countertop if you can avoid it! For example, cutting food products directly on your countertop will cut through the sealer, leaving a path for staining or etching agents to get to the bare concrete.

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