Acid Staining

Acid Staining Concrete

Acid-stained floors are a great decorative hard surface flooring alternative to tile or hard wood flooring. This application creates a timeless look and saves you money compared to other flooring options.

There are many staining techniques that can be used to transform your floor into a work of art. Scoring and multi coloring can be incorporated to create decorative logos, borders, inlays, or patterns.

Acid Staining is only a good option for concrete floors that have never been acid washed or ground clean. It also requires a proper concrete finished surface for the acid to react properly leaving a desirable modeled look.

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FAQ about Acid Staining Concrete

Can you acid stain existing concrete?

The answer is: yes, you can acid stain old concrete. The process for acid staining old concrete is similar to staining new concrete, with a few exceptions.

How long does an acid stain last on concrete?

They may be used on everything from concrete floors and kitchen counters to pool decks and driveways inside and out. So, acid stains can last 5 to 20 years, depending on many factors.

What are the cons of stained concrete?

It doesn’t improve the floor’s strength or durability or change its resistance to spills or damage. So if you’d like to protect your floors, we recommend combining it with another method or a decorative epoxy.

Is it better to stain or epoxy concrete?

While epoxy covers concrete, a stain changes its appearance. Staining is best when you want to give your concrete a new look but preserve its natural appearance. Remember that there may be more maintenance involved with concrete staining, as the surface is still porous

Do I have to seal acid-stained concrete?

To prolong stain life, stain manufacturers recommend protecting stained surfaces with multiple coats of clear sealer (outdoors) and floor wax (indoors). A good sealer will also provide other benefits, such as adding a sheen to the surface and enhancing color intensity.

How much does it cost per square foot to stain concrete?

The cost of stained concrete can vary greatly. For a basic application of single stain color with sealer and minimal surface prep, most decorative concrete contractors charge between $2 and $5 per square foot. As the complexity of the job rises, so will the price.

Does stained concrete require maintenance?

Acid-stained concrete is easy to maintain and will last indefinitely. You must follow several basic principles: Dust mop or broom sweep weekly to prevent dirt accumulation. Damp mop monthly to remove smudging, scuffs, and watermarks and to restore gloss.

Does stained concrete save money?

Stained concrete floors cost less than most traditional flooring types and have numerous bonus benefits. For example, concrete-stained floors are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and highly durable.


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